The writing test of IELTS consists of two parts: Task 1 and task 2     




Allotted Time

Academic IELTS


40 min



40 min


Task 2 asks the applicants to write an essay. They must write the essay within 40 min.

the applicants must write the essay with at least 250 words.  Here’s a question model of IELTS task 2:

In order to write perfect essays, you must, first, improve your writing at the level of sentence (sentence writing). Afterwards, you must learn what a paragraph is and what different types of paragraph are (paragraph writing). Then you must be familiar with writing a general Essay (essay writing). Final three types of essays which are tested frequently in IELTS would be presented separately (Opinion essayArgument essay, and problem & solution essay).

Sentence Writing


Opinion Essay

Paragraph Writing

Argument Essay


Essay Writing


Problem & Solution Essay


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